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The ceremony for the delivery of the “Mecenate dello Sport” award to Piero Ferrari was held today in the CONI Hall of Honor. The recognition is promoted by the "Fondazione Mecenate dello Sport - Varaldo Di Pietro" to support the universal values ​​of sporting disciplines and reward the figures who, nationally and internationally, have made an essential contribution to the growth of both sport and sports activities. social and solidarity value.

The Vice President of Ferrari received the award from Giovanni Di Pietro, President of the “Fondazione Mecenate dello Sport - Varaldo Di Pietro”, and from Giovanni Malagò, President of CONI.

The Technical Committee, made up of journalists and national exponents of the world of sport, motivated the choice to assign the award to Piero Ferrari "for having been able to create and grow over time one of the most famous and prestigious symbols of Italy in the world, not only at a sporting level, capable over time of arousing pride, emotion, a sense of belonging for millions of Italians and representing an absolute value for the development of motor sports in Italy and internationally ".

In his speech of thanks, Piero Ferrari said: “Ferrari is made up of many people and I will share this award with everyone in Maranello. Also in Formula 1 there are not only the drivers, but beyond many people behind that work. I was lucky enough to have been able to give my contribution, support and even courage, in more or less beautiful moments. There is a great sense of belonging throughout the company".